Vintage Porcelain Chinese Hua Rong Tang Zhi Soap Dish



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Vintage porcelain and brass or maybe bronze, Chinese Hua Rong Tang Zhi soap or ring dish. This beautiful dish is 8-1/2″ wide, 4-1/2″ deep and 2″ high. It stands on 4, ornate brass (or bronze) feet and has a ornate, scalloped, border around the top in the same metal. The handles on each side are open, floral and scroll in the same metal. Please note: One handle isn’t quite as straight as the other. The porcelain is tan with burnt sienna flowers and border and blue highlights. There is a small, clay build-up in the center under the glaze. There is light crazing that can be seen on the white bottom more than the top.

The bottom has Chinese markings and says, “Not for food purpose. For decorative use only.”