Vintage Pair of Brass Deer


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  • Vintage pair of brass deer
  • Buck with head up and looking in the distance
  • Buck is 6-1/4″ tall
  • 4″ tall doe is grazing with head to the ground
  • Nice, dark, aged brass patina
  • Doe does have two darker spots on one side
  • Hollow, but heavy, brass
  • Please see full description below


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Vintage pair of brass deer, a buck and a doe. The buck, who has his head lifted, looking in the distance, is 6-1/4″. The doe, who is grazing while her doe is standing guard, is 4″ tall.

The heavy, albeit hollow, brass has a nice, darkened, aged patina. The doe has a couple of darker spots on one side. Please see the close-up pictures. She also has the remains of an old, oval sticker on her belly.

Most people consider these to be mid-century, but I can’t say for sure. They definitely have some age on them.