Vintage Fabric Trim – Olive, Off White and Silver Paisley – 8 yds.


  • This item has sold. The price is given for reference only.
  • Vintage fabric trim
  • Green paisley with silver metallic thread outline
  • Off white background
  • 1-1/2″ wide
  • 8 yards (Almost 7 yards continuous)


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This item has sold. The price is shown for reference only.

Shiny, metallic, vintage fabric trim. Eight yards of it! It is a paisley design in olive green and off white, with shiny, metallic, silver threads outlining the paisley. The camera, of course, did not pick up the nice shine of the silver threads. 

It is 1-1/2″ wide and as stated above, there are 8 yards. Six yards + 33″ are continuous. With another piece 1 yard + 11″.

It is 91.8% Rayon, 8.2% metallic

I believe that it is probably from the early 1970’s, perhaps late ’60’s. I had (Still have!) an evening dress, ca 1974, with the same metallic look.

This would be great for vintage style evening wear or even Christmas decorations.