Vintage Christmas Stickers and Christmas Seals From the 1960s Lot of 137 Pieces


  • Sorry. These stickers are sold.
  • Vintage Christmas stickers
  • Approximately 140 stickers, Christmas seals and gift tags
  • How old? From the 1960’s
  • Condition: Adhesive back has caused some pages to stick together, but should steam apart easily
    Adhesive back has caused the pages to curl
  • Use these in your scrapbooking, assemblage art and other Christmas crafts


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The stickers are sold. Price is shown for reference only.

Aproximately 137, vintage Christmas stickers, Christmas seals and a few gift tags from the 1960’s. The stickers and Christmas seals are gummed on the back. From back in the day when we had to lick all our stamps.

There are 17, 2″ x 3″ sheets with a green background and 6 stickers on each one. Graphic on the stickers are a girl angel, a Christmas stocking, a snowman, Santa in his sleigh and Mr. and Mrs. Snowman. 

There are 25 sheets that are also 2″ x 3″, but have a white background and 5 stickers each. The graphics on these are a snowman, hanging bells, a mandolin, a candle and two choir boys. 

The gummed adhesive has caused most of these sheets to curl and some have stuck together. I did not try to peel these apart, although steaming should get them apart easily enough. With several stuck together, there is probably more than 137 in the lot. They have not been tested for stickiness. Whether the glue still holds when moistened.

Also included in this lot are 5 gift tags, from the 1960’s. The tags are 3-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ and feature the front of Santa’s house and “Do Not Open ‘Til Dec. 25th” written on the snowy roof.