Sold — Vintage Christmas Spaghetti Santa Sitting on Bag of Toys


This item is sold. Price shown for reference only.

Vintage, Christmas, ceramic Santa loaded with “spaghetti” trim. His beard, the fur around his hat, sleeves, neck and hem are all the spaghetti trim and it all seems to be in very good condition. I don’t see any broken off. He has rosy cheeks and painted eyes and mouth. He’s 4″ tall and sitting on a white bag. Wonder what surprises are in that bag for all the good little children?

The only problem I see is the cold paint wearing off his shoes. The little finger on his raised, right hand is broken off, but is glazed over, so this happened in production. It was like this new. The bottom is marked MADE IN JAPAN in red letters.


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  • This item is sold. Price shown for reference only.
  • Sitting spaghetti Santa
  • 4″ tall
  • Red suit, white trim
  • Spaghetti trim in very good condition
  • Cold paint chipping off boots
  • Little finger of one hand broken in production. Glazed over.