June 1967 Town and Country Magazine with Victoria Lou Schott on Cover, Featurs of Birmingham Alabama and Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan Golden Flake Coke Ad


  • SOLD!
  • June 1967 Town & Country Magazine
  • Victoria Lou Schott on the cover
  • Birmingham, Alabama featured
  • Ads local to Birmingham and Alabama including Loveman’s and a Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan Golden Flake ad
  • Very good, but stored condition. Some wear.


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Town & Country magazine back issue, June 1967 with Victoria Schott on the cover. Features include an article by Ted Burke titled, “Birmingham Steel and Soul Men” and has pictures of the prominent names in the steel business along with their socialite wives and children.

There are several ads for Birmingham businesses including Loveman’s fashion ads and a Golden Flake and Coke ad with Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan. Remember those? They bring back Sunday afternoon TV memories of these two going over the game replays.

There is the usual bevy of debutantes and eligible bachelors, as well as decorating, fashion, and travel articles.

The magazine, measuring 10″ x 12″, and weighing 1 lb. is in good condition. It is, however, 50 years old and does show some signs of its age. There is a small tear and an edge crease on the front and I found a small tear on one of the pages. It also smells a bit musty. Not as bad as some, but a definite hint.