Brass Lyre Design Music Stand Photo Album for 3 x 5 Photos


  • SOLD to someone fabulous!
  • Brass lyre design music stand photo album
  • Larger size, 7″ tall and 8″ wide
  • 16 pages fit 3″x5″ photos
  • Slide in photos – NOT magnetic
  • See detailed description below


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Lyre design, brass, music stand photo album that holds 16, 3″ x 5″ photos. This one, at 7″ tall and 8″ wide, is harder to find than the more common, smaller music stand photo albums. The photo album is attached to the stand with plastic binders, all intact. None broken. The paper in each sleeve has yellowed.

It was probably made and sold in the 1980s. A sticker on the back reads, “Andrea by Sadek – Made In Japan.”