1940s Fountain Pen Ad for Mallat Plexicolor Fountain Pen from France Illustrated Magazine


  • Vintage fountain pen ad
  • Mallat Plexicolor pen
  • 1946 ad from French Illustrated magazine
  • Features fountain pen and ballpoint pen
  • Reverse side has black and white Perrier champagne ad
  • Some yellowing and soft bends. Staple holes on one side. No tears or marks.

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Mallat Plexicolor Fountain Pen ad. Vintage fountain pen ad from the 1940’s, in color, from France Illustrated magazine. It is a double sided ad with a black and white ad for Perrier champagne on the reverse.

The page was carefully taken from a 1946 issue of France Illustrated, which is a trade magazine specifically for advertisements. The ad is 11″ x 15″.

The fountain pen ad is a deep burgundy, lightening to white in the center, with line drawings of lit candles in the background. A fountain pen and a ballpoint pen are pictured. The artist’s initials appear to be “RP.”

The black and white ad on the other side is for Perrier champagne with a line drawing of a man and woman sitting at a restaurant table, dressed in evening wear, and being served by a waiter. The artist’s name looks like “Brenot.”

The page has yellowing, more deeply around the edges and there are staple holes in the spine edge. It is not torn and there are no sharp creases, although it does have very soft bends from handling.


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