Delicate Pink Antique Silk Hanky Pouch Hankerchief Holder


  • Sold to someone fabulous!
  • Antique silk hanky pouch
  • Peach, pink and cream
  • Metallic embroidery
  • Silkscreened colors
  • Condition is fragile


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This delicate, pink, antique silk handkerchief pouch recalls gentler days of little waste. Previous generations were the original “green” generations. Hankies were used rather than disposable tissues. And those hankies needed a holder

The silk fabric is very organdy-like and soft pink, peach and cream. It appears the pink and cream were silk screened with green and gold metallic embroidery threads outlining the colors. The word “Hankies” is embroidered in gold thread in the center.

It is slightly padded and folds over, tying at the edge with a silk ribbon. The hankies simply slip into the fold. There are no pockets.

The fabric has no holes but is in fragile condition. The stitching is good. It appears the colors might have faded. The (probably) silk ribbon is unraveling. I won’t untie it for fear I’ll totally destroy the ribbon and there will be nothing left. This could be replaced if you wanted.