Antique Round Tin Photo Prim Woman with Hat and Glasses Looking Like A Schoolmarm


  • Antique, round, tin photo of a very prim looking woman
  • 6″ in diameter
  • Convex
  • Sepia toned
  • The image is secure, and not lifting from the tin back
  • There are some scratches
  • There was fabric of some kind glued onto the back at one time
  • Please see the full description below

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Round, tin photograph of a prim woman in a hat and wearing glasses, looking for all the world like a schoolmarm or a spinster lady. Of course, she’s not smiling, but she does have a pleasant and yet stern look on her face. I think she has kind eyes.

The 6″ diameter, convex, tin does have some scratches, but the image is not lifting anywhere. The back, at one time, had some type of cotton fiber glued on it. It reminds me of old quilt batting.

I did a little inexpertly editing out of the glare in the main photo. The second photo shows it with some glare, but the third photo is a true rendering of this awesome, sepia-toned tin portrait.

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