Small Antique Brown Transferware Bowl with Lots of Primitive Character


  • This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.
  • Antique brown transferware bowl
  • Small – 5″ diameter and 2″ tall
  • Heavily crazed and stained for that desired primitive look
  • Design is, I believe, a Maypop (Passionflower) and fruit
  • Illegible mark on the bottom
  • See full description below


This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.

Sweet, small, antique, brown transferware, bowl with loads of primitive character. It is ironstone/pottery, 5″ diameter and 2″ tall. And heavily crazed and stained for that desired, cottagy, primitive look. It has earned character that cannot be manufactured.

The design is – I believe – a closed May Pop (Passionflower) and a fruit with leaves and stem. There is a smaller version of the main design on the opposite side.

As stated above, it is heavily crazed and stained tan to brown. There are some very old, small chips that blend right in with the staining, and a couple of small, non-compromising cracks in the pottery.

The sides are almost straight up. Rounded a bit, but no flare. The inside bottom has raised rings, but the outside bottom is smooth. It is stamped with what looks like PSY…. maybe PSYCH….. Surely not?? I simply cannot make it out.

In order to get the most visual impact from this, it needs to sit above eye level. Otherwise, the design goes unnoticed.