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Country Living Fair pt. 2

It’s only been a week since the Country Living Fair?? Seems like forever. And, unlike most weeks, I have other things to talk about. So I’m going to let this be the end. There’s nothing much more to say anyway.

One of the most exciting things was seeing them filming for The Nate B. Show. Now, I rarely get to watch the show, but I was a tad disappointed that Nate wasn’t there. I don’t know if they’ve aired this yet, but here are my pics.

They were in the 5 Cent Mercantile booth, one of my favorites.

Cari, of Cash and Cari, had a booth there, but I’ve never seen that show (I know, I know.) so it didn’t mean as much to me. Melanie and Tiffany had their picture made with her while I was off on some other tangent.

Now. What did I buy? A couple of new Christmas ornaments, a Halloween decoration, um…. uh…. hmm…. I don’t remem… Oh! A ring and… well, shoot. Must not have been anything exciting if I’ve forgotten already. The experience is the best spent money. But here’s one thing I do remember and actually took a picture of.

It’s really hard for me to find W initials for my name. M’s are everywhere, but never a W. So when I found a whole bunch of WC plaques for $8 each, I was super excited. Where would I ever find both my first and last initial in one plaque? I was so happy. Then Tiffany said, You know that stands for water closet? Uh, no. I didn’t think of that. Then…. It’ll go on my bathroom door! I’d show a picture of it on the bathroom door, but 1) it isn’t on there yet and 2) it wouldn’t be as interesting. It’s just a plain ol’, white painted luan door. Bor-ring.