1950s Vintage Beau Brummell Tie Vintage Necktie From Marble City Dry Goods Store in Sylacauga, Alabama


  • SOLD
  • Vintage Beau Brummell tie
  • Vintage necktie from Marble City Drygoods in Sylacauga, Alabama
  • Brown silk with deep orange and cream colored ferns
  • 3″ wide at widest point
  • Very good condition


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Vintage Beau Brummel Tie from the 1950’s. A vintage necktie in brown silk with deep orange and cream color ferns and swirls. From Marble City Dry Goods in Sylacauga, Alabama.

It is 3″ wide at the widest area and in very good condition. No stains or picks.

The tag is tan with a drawing of Beau Brummell Beau Brummell written underneath. The back of the tag only has the word Silk. There is also a black, store tag from Marble City Dry Goods Company, Sylacauga, Ala.  Marble City Dry Goods was quite a popular place to shop up until its closing many decades ago.