Mid Century Bulldog Ashtray Novelty Smoking Item


  • SOLD!
  • Mid-century Bulldog ashtray
  • Small bulldog head ashtray
  • Cigarette is placed in his mouth and smoke billows through his nose
  • Novelty smoking item
  • 2″ diameter
  • Very good condition
  • See full description below


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Small bulldog ashtray — or more precisely, a bulldog head ashtray. A cute, mid-century, kitsch, smoking item. Place the cigarette in his open mouth and watch the smoke blow through his nose.

It is made of red/brown clay with a high gloss glaze fired over dark brown paint. The painted features are painted over the glaze and is unusually good. The ears, nose, and tongue are painted red and the eyes are yellow with black pupils. There is only a small amount of wear to one ear and the nose and it’s quite possible it’s as it was straight from the manufacturer.

The ashtray is small — 2″ x 2-1/2″ and about 1-1/2″ high and in good condition with no chips or nicks. There is a small clay build-up on his bottom lip. It was most likely made in Japan.

I believe this could also be used as an incense burner!