Antique Brass Oval Art Nouveau Belt Buckle with Intricate Raised Oriental Design


  • Antique, Art Nouveau belt buckle
  • Brass ovals with an Oriental design of a temple, a man and a woman, and a dragon
  • Right and left side. When hooked together, one side is upside down. Please see close-up photos
  • Each side is 3-1/2″ tall and 2-1/2″ wide
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  • Please see full description below

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Lovely oval, brass, Art Nouveau belt buckle, right and left side. They each have a raised Oriental design consisting of a temple, a man and woman and, I believe, a dragon. Before I go further, please be aware that when hooked together, one design is upside down. You can see this in the pictures, but you’ll probably have to look closely. Is it possible the hook and eye were welded on later? But the belt holder bars are in the correct places, so…. I dunno!

They have a brown/gold colored, plastic piece attached to the back in the “window.”

Each is 3-1/2″ tall and 2-1/2″ wide. One has a hook, the other has the eye and both have a bar for the belt. The bar, especially on the hook side, is bent, but of course, can be straightened a good bit. I made no attempt to polish the brass.

These can be used as is or as a jewelry component or in collage art. Or so many things my non-artist mind can’t even begin to imagine.