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What to do with loose epergne horns?

What to do with epergne horns when you don't have the base.

Epergne horns missing their base? Here’s what you can do with them!

If you have some lovely epergne horns and no bowl, what do you do with them? You can hold on until you find the base. Someday. In the distant future. But they’re so pretty, it’s a shame not to display them. Here’s what I’ve done:

What to do with epergne horns when you don't have the base.



Hung them on the wall. But…. there’s no hole to hang them by. That’s an easy fix. Simply twist some picture hanging wire around them and make a little loop on the back, then tie a bow with some pretty, coordinating ribbon. What could be easier? And I’m all about easy!

**Update: These were for sale in the shop and have been sold.

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6 thoughts on “What to do with loose epergne horns?

  1. Well, look at you, Miss Martha! Lovely!

  2. Now that’s just beautiful…where did you find those lovely object de arte? lol…great idea, too!
    jammed, badly…my window washing days are over 🙂

  3. Lovin IT!! OK So you just had to go and tag me. I love ya too!!! LOL


    PS Do you think the world is really ready to know me???

  4. I did my “tag” and left you something on my blog!

  5. This is an exquisite solution … the brown ribbon looks great with the color of the glass.

  6. Great idea….I think I will have to use this one!

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