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Pantry Shelf Decor

There’s this little room next to the kitchen. I believe when the house was built it was a porch and next to it was a carport and next to that was the  laundry room. A previous owner made the carport into a “playroom”, left the laundry room where it was which then opened into the playroom and turned the porch into a… hmmm… well…. we always called it a breakfast room but it was/is much too small for that. I call it the pantry with a roll of my eyes, but it’s really just “the little room next to the kitchen.” We’d thought about knocking out the wall between the this room and the kitchen, but there was more storage space if we didn’t.

I always wanted some really cool, antique, cabinets in there, but was talked into putting granite counter tops when we did the kitchen. I’m still miffed about that. Anyway, I got a wild hair last fall to redecorate and this is the result.


The right side.

Decorating pantry shelves

The left side. The “Antiques” sign came from a long time, local, antiques dealer at her estate sale. I love it. 


Butter pats under a cloche

White ironstone butter pats under a cloche and an antique, English, ironstone, pitcher.

White enamelware with black trim

White enamelware.




Vintage Group Picture on Pantry Shelf

I love this group picture of women workers from about the 1930’s. The Edison tube is empty of it’s musical… thing.

White, antique pitchers on a pantry shelf

The two pitchers on the right are ironstone. The large one on the left is enamelware.



That was an old, wood, shipping box! Bet they had a lot less breakage in those days.


Stack of ironstone platters with antique cookbooks.

White Ironstone On Pantry Shelves