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A Valentine Banner Revisited

Vintage Valentines Banner

I’ve been on a purging jag lately and haven’t done one single thing for Valentine’s Day. Today I was working in my daughter’s old bedroom which is now the sewing room, but I’m such a fabric and trim and sewing notion hoarder I don’t have room to sew. This room also needs to serve as a bedroom. So I’m trying to be ruthless and let some stuff go. I think I’ll do one of my booths almost totally in sewing paraphernalia. I thought that tonight’s blog post would be the before and after of that room. Ha! I’m nowhere near the “after”. With no new Valentine decorations going on, I went back a couple of years and resurrected this post.

Vintage Valentines Banner

What to do with the vintage Valentine collection? I certainly didn’t want to put holes in them or alter their appearance in any way. It would have been fun to have cute clips, but regular ol’ paper clips was all I had, so they just had to do. The Valentine banner isn’t anything earth shattering. Boring, actually. But it’s fun for me to look at and, well, what else can I do with them?? I have a bunch of moveable Valentines I haven’t figured out what to do with, yet and still a bunch more of the regular ones. So fun to be a hoarder! Sometimes.

I’ve been playing with an old drawer, too. It should be perfect for this kind of display, but I don’t quite have it right just yet.

First attempt:

Valentine Box

Hmmm… Not as bad in the picture as it looked in person – How’s that for a change? – but kinda jumbled, mixed styles and more than the eye can take in. Let’s try something else.

Valentine Box

Getting better, but still not there. I love this part, though:

Vintage Beaded Heart

That beaded heart is one my friend Jeri gave me that the previous owner, an older lady, had given her. I love, love, love it! The sun must have really been shining in on that side of the room that day. The candy box sure is reflecting!