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Gratitude – A Thanksgiving Silhouette Cameo Project

Gratitude - A Thanksgiving Silhouette Cameo Project

Gratitude. I haven’t been doing the whole “today I’m grateful for…” thing on Facebook or the blog, but that doesn’t mean I’m not. No, no, no! I could bore a preacher to tears with my list of “thankful fors”. There are the usual, noble things like health, family, friends, pet, home…. then it gets into clean water, clothes to wear, enough food to make me fat…. But it can also include things like getting to buy a Silhouette Cameo a few months ago and my new blade coming yesterday.

I love the Silhouette! I don’t use it as much as many, if not most, owners, but I’m so happy to have it. 

This might be my first real project. I’ve done other things, enough to dull the blade, but nothing worth crowing about.

Gratitude - A Thanksgiving Silhouette Cameo Project



I downloaded the 99¢ design by Samantha Walker directly from the Silhouette store. Cut it from brown vinyl and stuck it to orange construction paper, of all things. I had this old, leaf, cross frame and they seemed destined to be together.

Did you notice I put it in the basket from last month?


I’ve decided I’ve got to blitz the booth and Etsy for the rest of this month and next. Should have already done this. I still have so much stored that needs to be out for sale. It’s not doing anybody any good packed away like it is. Most of my time will be doing this. I’ll still try to get around to read your blogs, but know that it’s a slow go and only when I get the chance to sit at the computer without working.