Trio Of Vintage Turkey Candles (3 Turkeys)


These turkey candles have sold. The price is shown for reference only.

Trio of vintage turkey candles for your Thanksgiving decor. There are no cardboard bottoms or stickers that would show the manufacturer, but they were likely made by Gurley. 

Condition is imperfect. There is indication of some softening, if not melting. Of course, this is very normal for candles of this age. 

The two large ones are 4″ tall. Their bases are flat and they stand up straight. They are brown and have orangeish-yellow tail feathers with a brown band going across. They show softening then rehardening damage and a few scuffs. The tail on one has a flat spot at the top.

The smaller turkey is 3″ tall. He is brown and his tail feathers are a red-brown with beige dots. He didn’t fare as well through the years as the others. His softening/melting was worse and he leans toward the front. A tipsy turkey! There is a soft dent on his tail on the right side and the left side has a wavy area. It looks like some wax has chipped off the base on one side.

Please view all the close-up pictures. There are glare spots. The only damage is described above. And remember — describing damage (and viewing greatly magnified photos) always makes it sound and look worse than what we might not be concerned about when seeing something in person.



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  • These turkey candles have sold. The price is shown for research purposes only.
  • Vintage turkey candles
  • Two 4″ tall, one 3″ tall
  • Manufacturer unknown
  • Condition is fair to good
  • Add to your Thanksgiving decor collection!