Small Leaf and Flower Cup and Saucer Demitasse Made In Japan


  • Sorry, this item is sold. The price is shown for reference only.
  • Vintage mini cup and saucer made in Japan
  • Leaf and flower shape
  • Purple and teal
  • Saucer is 4″ x 2″
  • Cup is 2-1/4″ diameter and 1-1/2″ tall
  • Very good condition with no after market flaws
  • Small pre-glazing nick on handle
  • Would be great for a vintage wedding decoration
  • Also use in romantic cottage decor

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This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.

Very pretty, small, porcelain, leaf and flower cup and saucer demitasse. The cup is 1-1/2″ tall and 2-1/4″ diameter, putting it almost in the miniature category. Its shape resembles a flower and has fluted edges. The colors are purple on white. The cup is in good condition with no aftermarket flaws. A loupe and touch reveal the tip of one of the “thorns” of the handle has a tiny pre-glazing chip. 

The leaf-shaped saucer is 4″ x 2″ with the coloring of purple and teal and has a bee sitting on the leaf veins. The paint on the saucer is worn. Please see the pictures. The edges are gold rimmed. 

The saucer is marked Japan in red letters. The cup is not marked.