25 Vintage Water Cooler Cups Cone Cups from the 1960s with Safety Slogans


  • 25 vintage water cooler cups
  • Safety slogans on the sides
  • Snow cone shape 
  • Probably from Avondale Mills in Sylacauga, Alabama in the 1960’s
  • A little soiling around the top of a few. Otherwise very good, clean condition.
  • Great for a film or play prop

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Twenty-five, vintage water cooler cups, paper, water cooler cups with three different safety slogans on them.

The slogans are:

1. “Safety. A good think (sic) to keep in mind — Knowledge+Caution=Safety.” This one has an owl on one side and a nurse pointing to a chalkboard on the other.

2. “Your future depends on your safety — Safety is your own look-out.” One side has a Swami, the other an all-seeing eye.

3. “Do you realize that your safety is largely in your own hands? — Aware, Alert, Alive!” One side has hands holding the phrase, “In your own hands.” The other side is simply the words, “aware, alert and alive.”

The cups, which are snow cone size,  are 3-1/2″ high. There is some soiling around the edge of a few. Otherwise, they are clean and not smashed.

I believe these were most likely used at a water cooler in Avondale Mills in Sylacauga, Alabama. They were found at the estate of a couple who worked there their entire adult lives, up until retirement in the 1990s.