Vintage Santa Chenille and Paper Mache 4″ Tall

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  • Vintage Santa Claus
  • Chenille and paper mache
  • Standing 4″ tall
  • Mica base
  • Very good condition
  • Please see full description below

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Vintage Santa figure made of chenille and paper mache. He is 4″ tall and stands on a paper mache base glittered with mica. He holds an evergreen bottle brush tree stem topped with a red chenille berry.

His body is, I believe felt covered paper mache. Most say this type Santa has a paper mache face, but frankly, it looks more like plastic to me. His beard is cotton batting or angel hair. He sports a blue belt with a silver, paper buckle.

The base still has its original 5┬ó sticker that is marked “Japan.” This was a popular item at the five and dime.