Vintage Nursery Print Curtain Panel Childrens Juvenile Pattern


  • SOLD!
  • Vintage children’s theme curtain panel
  • 34″ long by 23″ wide
  • Loose, linen-like weave
  • Pleated at the top with 5 pleats and plastic rings at every pleat except….
  • One end ring missing
  • Condition: No tears or holes, but does have a few, very small, light stains
  • See the complete description below


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ADORABLE!! Is this not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! It is a single curtain panel with simple, coloring book style drawings. Each character, scene, or object is separated by black, wavy, bead-look lines.

The character panels are:

♥ Apple tree with apples on the ground and the Man In The Moon smiling
♥ Big-bellied man wearing a green stripe apron and smoking a pipe with a flower coming out instead of smoke. Next to him is a lazy dog lying on his back asleep and a butterfly flying above
♥ A little girl (boy?) wearing purple with a yellow scarf and a beanie
♥ A chef cooking hotdogs
♥ A chubby pink flamingo
♥ A pink cow with flowers in her hair and a green blanket on her back
♥ A rabbit painting the sun
♥ A pot of blooming flowers

The panel is for a single, short window, being 34″ long and 23″ wide. But don’t limit it to a window! Use it on the wall or instead of a cabinet door! It is pleated with 5 pleats. It has white plastic rings above every pleat and one end. The ring at the other end is missing.

The fabric is a loose, linen-like weave. It wrinkles easily, so could be either linen or cotton. Printed on one side. There are a few very small, very minor stains.

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in