Collection of 5 Vintage Bow Ties + One Skinny Tie


  • This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.
  • Lot of 5 vintage bow ties plus one skinny necktie
  • Three geometric designs and two solids
  • Solid ties are black
  • Necktie is burgundy and black, diagonal stripe
  • Wear them or display them!


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This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.

There are five, clip on, vintage bow ties and one skinny, neck tie in this lot. All are probably from around the 1940s-1960s. I found them with other, personal memorabilia in a cedar chest. I don’t know what was special about these ties, but they surely had meaning to the owner.

Tie descriptions:

  1. Brown with small, gold and gray squares. Pointed bow. Clip has small amount of rust. Otherwise, good, clean condition. 4-3/4″ wide and 1-1/2″high. Made by Ormond, NYC.
  2. Light brown, red and white, block V’s. (The V’s actually look like hearts.) Comes with 13″ ribbon made from the same fabric. The clip shows no rust. The red has faded onto the white in places on both the tie and the ribbon turning the white pink. 4-3/4″ wide, 1-1/2″ high. Made by Webley.
  3. Red with brown and gray geometric design on the top and solid red underneath. In very good condition. 5″ wide 1-1/4″ high. The clip says, “Grip Tite – Rustresist” and it is rust resistant. No sign of rust anywhere. 
  4. Solid black. Very good condition. Clip is Rustresist. 4-1/2″ wide, 1-1/4″ high.
  5. Solid black #2. One side is folded. The opposite side ends in the pointed end of the tie. Fabric is in very good condition. Although the clip states it is rust resistant, it is quite rusty. Made by Beau?
  6. Burgundy and black, diagonal stripe, neck tie. Stripes are about 1/2″ wide. The tie is 54″ long and 2-1/2″ wide at the widest part. There are a few, minor picks on the skinny end. Otherwise, very good condition. It does need ironing. There is no brand label.

I don’t know for sure the fabric of any of the ties, but I believe they are a rayon type. 

These would be fun to wear (except the one where the red has faded) or display them in a bowl, basket or even jar!