Small Antique Pelouze Star Scale Mini Size


  • Antique, brass, mini-size Pelouze Star scale
  • It is 3-1/2″ tall, 2″ wide and 3-1/4″ deep. The tray is 1-7/8″ in diameter
  • For decorative use on your shelves or desk
  • The tray falls off easily and needs a dab of glue to secure
  • It no longer weighs accurately
  • Please see all photos and read full description below

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Vintage, decorative, mini, brass, Pelouze Star scale with a round tray — that won’t stay put! The little tray sits nicely as long as the scale isn’t bumped. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve tried screwing it on and pressing it on. It does fit down onto the stem (the stem does go up through the hole), just not far enough. A good jostle makes it fall off. Anyway, it’s still cute as a bug! And you could use a dab of hot glue, so it’s not permanent, so it won’t be falling off every time you dust or the fur baby bounds through the room.

It is 3-1/2″ tall, 2″ wide and 3-1/4″ deep. The tray is 1-7/8″ in diameter. The edges are stamped in a floral/scrolly pattern and the brass has a nice, aged patina.

Apparently, you could mail a 1 oz. letter for 2¢. The spring inside doesn’t bounce back after pressing the stem for weight and the balance adjustment screw doesn’t work. Please do not expect to use this unless you can repair it.

The bottom is marked, “Pelouze Scale & Mfg. Co. – Chicago – Pat. June 2, 95 – Mar. 29, 98 – Jan. 31, 99 – US – Canada – England – France – Belgium – Germany”

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in