1950’s MCM Colorful Salad Bowl Set – Plastic Met-L-Tone Salad Set


  • SOLD!
  • 1950s Met-L-Tone salad bowl set
  • Box calls it Met-L-Tone Salad Festival
  • Colorful plastic made to mimic the colorful aluminum of the era
  • MCM kitchen kitsch
  • Large bowl, 4 individual bowls and servers
  • Original box
  • Appears unused
  • Please see full description below


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Fun, colorful, 1950’s, MCM salad bowl set still in its original box! Made of plastic but the finish and colors imitate the colored aluminum of the day. The set is officially named Met-L-Tone Salad Festival.

The large salad bowl is green, 9″ in diameter and 3″ deep.

The individual bowls are 2 green and 2 red, 5-1/2″ diameter and 2-3/4″ deep.

The serving fork and spoon are green and 9-1/2″ long.

The set appears to never have been used, or certainly very little. There is maker’s mark on the bottom.

The box is in good, but stored condition. It is bent in places and has corner fraying. The box also has 4 recipes, one on each side, including a low “calory” dressing.

This great example of mid century kitchen is not often seen, especially complete with the box and in such great condition!