Hand Painted Blue and White Vintage Decorative Tile


Old, blue and white, clay tile with a star or flower pattern. The center motif is an eight pointed star or flower in light blue, outlined in dark blue. There are wavy lines radiating from the star to the corners where another star – or flower – is started so when more pieces were fit together there would be stars – or flowers – at each corner.

The tile is almost 5-1/2″ square and beautifully crazed. There are also quite a few glaze pops and some areas along the edge where the paint didn’t make it completely to the edge. The tan colored clay, as seen from the bottom, is uneven, but it does sit flat. It definitely looks hand painted and my uneducated guess would be that it was made by hand as well. Origin and age are unknown.

This makes a lovey trivet for hot dishes or simply as a decorative item.

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Hand Painted Blue and White Vintage Decorative Tile