6″ Bing & Grondahl Hans Christian Anderson Fairytale Svinedrengen Plate


  • Bing & Grondahl Hans Christian Anderson Svinedrengen
  • Fairytale scene of a lady and a beggar
  • 6-1/8″ in diameter – bread and butter size
  • Pastel colors
  • Very good condition
  • Please see full description below

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Bing & Grondahl Hans Christian Anderson Svinedrengen fairytale, bread and butter, 6-1/8″ plate. I love the pastel colors of this little plate! It’s a scene from a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. Do you know which one? I can’t figure it out. There is a lady, princess maybe, standing by a tramp or beggar who is sitting by a fire and has his hand raised towards her. It would be so sweet in a nursery or in your romantic, cottage decor!

The plate is 6-1/8″ in diameter with thin gold trim around the edge.

Made by Bing & Grondahl, the backstamp is green with the three towers. Under that is KJOBENHAVM. Under that is:


Next is 28 A and then under that is Hans Christian Anderson. Under that is SVINEDRENGEN.

The plate is in very good condition. I find no chips, cracks, or crazing. There is one very small area along the rim that was dented in the manufacturing process prior to painting and firing.

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