Antique Limoges Seaside Oregon Souvenir Plate


  • Antique Limoges Seaside Oregon souvenir plate
  • Early 1900s
  • Good, antique condition
  • There is light crazing and a pre-manufacturing dent
  • Deep, rich green border with gold accents
  • Fruit decal in the center
  • 7″ in diameter
  • Hexagonal shape
  • Very hard to find!

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Antique Limoges Seaside Oregon Souvenir Plate

The edge of this antique, Seaside, Oregon souvenir plate is a border of deep, rich green with gold accent trim. The center is a decal of fruit – grapes and strawberries plus another fruit (or perhaps a vegetable) that I can’t identify.

It is 7″ in diameter, hexagon-shaped. The bottom is marked “Limoges China.” I believe it was probably a Limoges blank that a company bought to decorate and sell for souvenirs in the early 1900s.

In very nice, antique condition, but it does have light crazing and a dent under the paint and glaze that would have happened during the manufacturing process.

This plate is extremely uncommon. At the time of this listing, I have found no others on the internet, past or present. (I do have this plate on Etsy as well.)

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