Alabama Baptist Sesqui Sentinel – 1973 Sesquicentennial Issue



  • Alabama Baptist Sesqui Sentinel 
  • December 6, 1973, volume 138
  • Celebrating 150 years
  • The sesquicentennial issue
  • Fair physical condition
  • Good reading condition
  • Magazine format
  • 14-1/2″ x 11″

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The Alabama Baptist Sesqui Sentinel

December 6, 1973, magazine, Vol 138, commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Alabama Baptist State Convention.

Physical condition of this 14-1/2″ x 11″ magazine is fair with much edge and page wear. There are two closed tears on the front cover and one on the back. The newspaper print paper pages have yellowed. But it is in good reading condition. And such interesting reading it is!

There are selected articles covering:

The Beginnings – Before 1823
Years Of Struggle – 1823-1840
The Formative Years – The 1840s
The Old Time Religion
The Civil War
Early 1900s
The Depression
The Forties
The Fifties
………..and more

“The 150th anniversary of the Alabama Baptist State Convention has been celebrated in many ways his year. Since the las of August The Alabama Baptist has been celebrating by publishing “The Sesqui Sentinel” as part of the regular weekly editions. In those pages we sough to arouse interest in Baptist history by giving bits of information about the people and events of the past.”

“We did no approach this project as historians would. Rather we have been more like kids rummaging in an atic, finding colorful and interesting bis and pieces of days gone by, and pulling them ou to play with. Thus we have left some significant items lying in the history books for someone else to find.”

“Historians have known all along about such men as Lorenzo Dow, Hosea Holcombe, Club Ax Davis, and so many others, but for us each new acquaintance was an exciting discovery. We are richer because of our contact with them. In this publication we want to share our discoveries with our fellow Alabama Baptists.”