50 Unused Bottle Caps For Crafting or Bottle Capping


  • 50 unused bottle caps
  • Gold tops
  • Cork lining
  • Use for capping bottles
  • Or crafting:
    • Refrigerator magnets
    • Tiny candles
    • Jewelry
    • Bible school crafts
    • Bottle cap doll
    • Scrap booking
    • Altered art

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What can you do with unused bottle caps? Aside from capping bottles? (Which, if you’re making beer, that’s a pretty good use.) There are all sorts of crafty things to do with them! Refrigerator magnets, tiny candles, jewelry, use in scrap booking and altered art, Bible school crafts, make a bottle cap doll…..

Here are 50 of them for you to play with. They are vintage, gold in color and have cork linings.  Quite a few of the tops are scuffed or splotchy. That may have happened during the manufacturing process or they could have discolored over the years.

These look like hours of crafting fun!