Vintage Birthday Horoscope – April 26, 1938 – by George Cecil Nixon


  • Vintage birthday horoscope
  • April 26, 1938
  • Written by George Cecil Nixon
  • Three pages
  • In original envelope
  • Very good condition

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This is a fun paper collectible! It’s a birthday horoscope for someone born on April 26, 1938. Written by George Cecil Nixon.

There are three pages with the following:

  • Your lucky planet
  • Your business prospects
  • Your financial prospects
  • Your lucky day
  • Your future health
  • Your coming social activities
  • Your lucky numbers
  • Your lucky colors
  • Your important months
  • Your lucky years
  • Your lucky stones

Even though the pages have yellowed over time, they are still in very good condition. The pamphlet comes with the original envelope. The envelope’s flap is torn off, but it is inside. Also, the edges of the envelope are chipped and have small tears.