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Making the ordinary extraordinary

Black Tiara Cigarette Holder



(Forgive the dust on the base)

This little jar/vase/whatever has been with me at least 12-13 years. It’s sat in 1…2…3… 4 antique malls without going home with anyone. No one wanted him. His price tag was never more than a few dollars, but you see, he’s very common. Made by Tiara, I believe, he was meant to be a cigarette holder. Am I remembering right on that? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

He finally came home with me and has sat around in various places, usually close to the fireplace, holding matches.

Black Tiara Cigarette Holder 


(Dust is still on the base. Ugh.)

He’s been elevated on little boxes, been part of other arrangements, just moved around, never really finding the right home. Then one day recently, I was walking through the shop and looking for things I could use at home, things that I might regret selling, and brought this little prayer book home.

Antique Prayer Book


With it’s tattered spine and the front cover torn completely off.

Antique Prayer Book


And the sweet, sweet sentiment written on the back of the front cover.

Antique Prayer Book


I do love this little book. And when I combined the little black jar and the book … Well, it made my heart happy!

Black Tiara Cigarette Holder



Such a simple, little combination, but the effect makes me smile every time I look at it. The camera didn’t capture the look the way I’d  have liked. Maybe I should play with that some more. But that’s another day.

It sits on a glass top table with iron legs. I’m not totally happy with the whole arrangement. Maybe it needs a different plate, but that’s for another day, too.

Black Tiara cigarette holder




Here’s a decorating tip for you from a very non decorator. First remember the only person you have to please is you. When you place an item, trying to do an arrangement, whatever you’re doing, step back and look. If you’re first impression makes you smile, you’re done. If you think you’ll have to come back and look at it, see if it grows on you, it’s probably not right. Things will grow on us. If we walk by them enough, our messed up stack of magazines on the floor disappear. The dust bunnies don’t exist. The junk mail all over the table becomes part of the decor. It all grows on us. We don’t see it until someone comes over.

Bonus tip: Take a picture. Trust me on that. Once you do, no explanation will be needed from me.


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Hi! I'm Wanda, the owner of Just Vintage and this is my blog where I talk about buying, selling, and decorating with all things vintage. I want to help you learn what to buy for resale and maybe give you inspiration in decorating, even if it's what NOT to do.

4 thoughts on “Making the ordinary extraordinary

  1. Wanda, You could not have said it any better. Enough said…Your friend that loves you, dust bunnies and all! P.S. Great look with the book and black “match holder.” Tiff (

  2. What a great post, I was thinking the same thing the other day – how did I get used to that stack of magazines in the corner…how many times a day do I walk by it and don’t even see it anymore. It, unfortunately, has become part of my decor. And, I love what you have done with the book (which is so special with that sweet saying) and match holder – it is a perfect!

  3. the little vase is very sweet and i love the old book. i have a thing for books! thanks for the visit! susan

  4. Hi Wanda! That little book is the sweetest! And it does look wonderful with the cigarette/matches holder! And like you said you’re the only one who has to be happy with it *winks* Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back any time! Vanna

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