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How would you alter this?

It’s been awhile since my last post. Honestly, I’ve been so busy there was nothing interesting to say! Obviously, I haven’t been interesting busy.

The other day hubby came home with a couple of things on the back of his truck. Someone at work gave them to him. Apparently, he’s becoming the I’ll Take Anything Anybody’ll Give Me Junk Man! He’s learning and it’s about doggone time!

So he came home with this:

Which is a no brainer. It’ll get a bead board back and some paint and new knobs. But there was also this:

A tater ‘n onion bin. I guess. Remember when they were all the rage in the ’80’s? I have a story about that. A friend and I did a craft show together. I was selling (and I use the word “sell” lightly) hand made jewelry and she had fancy, little girl hair bows. We sat there all day long. Between us we probably took in $20, but we saw a million tater ‘n onion bins being toted out that day. I hold a certain bitterness toward them. Although I do acknowledge their usefulness.

I’d like to update the look of this one and would like suggestions. Have any of you seen these updated? Or have any ideas? The only things I can think to do is paint – a given – and where the hearts are, put either some decorative paper there, or maybe a black and white Graphics Fairy print on white muslin. Or, if I could find something round that would cover the heart… Or maybe I should just try to sell it as is? What say you guys?

So what has kept me so busy lately? I’ve got a Big Girl Job! Well, sorta. It’s part time and some weeks more work than others. My SIL does appraisals and was worked to death. She needed an assistant and here I am! Things are hopping right now and we’re pretty snowed under.

Speaking of hopping, the new booth is going great guns! I’m having a hard time keeping up and that’s a good thing. A WONDERFUL thing! What makes it so hard is that I want to put all the little things on Etsy before taking them to the booth. But I don’t have much time to put stuff on Etsy. And the furniture I have needs anything from minor gluing or deep cleaning to painting and there’s certainly no time for any of that.

One other thing. I opened up my web site last week and saw that the hosting account had been suspended. What??!! Ack!!!! Turns out I’d been hacked and someone was sending spam using my email. But after a couple of days I got all that sorted out. My next project will be changing the look of the blog. Someday. Soon? Maybe?

So now you know pretty much everything I’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks. Sorry it wasn’t more exciting.

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Hi! I'm Wanda, the owner of Just Vintage and this is my blog where I talk about buying, selling, and decorating with all things vintage. I want to help you learn what to buy for resale and maybe give you inspiration in decorating, even if it's what NOT to do.

6 thoughts on “How would you alter this?

  1. My husband also is a ‘I’ll take anything guy’ so I cracked up reading your post. Not sure, though, what to do with that bin! Waiting to see the transformation!

  2. About the bin … Where the Hearts are cover with a punched tin square , star , or diamond shape. You can buy aluminum flashing at the lumber yard. It is real cheap. Get a nail punch & find a pattern you like & when you finish that then nail it to the bin covering the heart cut outs … add some small trim around the edges. For a different look you could even use dried twigs cut to length & glued around the edges to fit. Then I would paint it … you can paint the punched tin also if you want & then shabby it some too. I have a old chimney cabinet that I did that to & it looks Great. You could also put a cute little vintage glass knob on it. The punched tin will still let your potatoes & onions get air.

  3. Well your hubby sure done good!
    You could maybe route out the doors and fill them with chicken wire? But as lazy as I am I’d just paint it and call it a happy day! *winks* Glad to hear you’re selling your stuff like hot cakes! Vanna

  4. The story of how you feel about the bins is just priceless. I am not a bit of help in what you should do with it though. Glad you are selling so much stuff. I am selling stuff in three consignment shops two blocks from our old house. It has made me a lot more busy but it’s also fun and a whole lot better than being a nurse in a hospital. Have a splendid weekend.

  5. Wanda thanks for stopping by my closet! I must admit one of the things I like best about my house (And there aren’t that many because it’s just plum strange for the most part) is that every bedroom has a fairly good sized walk in closet. After my last house built in the 70’s with the 6′ wide-ers I’m pretty darn happy to have some space *winks*
    What did you decide to do with your pieces? Vanna

  6. Love your blog so I’ve passed ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award on to you in my post today at Have a pickin’ cool day!

    [email protected]

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