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The table in question and some shop pictures

Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

Here’s a picture of the dining room table with one leaf in. Do you see why it’s so irresistible?

Dining Room Table

And the spot after it doesn’t look so bad.



Erin came up last week and did most of the work on the shop front window while I packed sold items to ship. I thought I’d NEVER get a decent picture! Trying to take a picture into the sunlight is pert near impossible without a really fancy camera. And I don’t have a fancy camera. Wouldn’t have the knowledge to use it if I did.

We (Erin) got the idea of the flying books from Anthropologie’s web site. They were at different levels, but the string is beginning to stretch.

Flying books in antique shop window


And here’s the wall next to it:

Antique Shop Vignette