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It’s over. I can relax now.

Ricky got lucky and didn’t have to work this weekend. He said he slept well last night and seemed to be in a good mood, so I told him about the table. He took it very well! Oh, he had to lecture me, but didn’t get too upset. And he fixed it so that it didn’t look quite so bad. I told him how literally sick I was, how my stomach had churned since it happened and he felt bad about that! What a sweetheart! See, just a few years ago, I’d be hearing about it days later. He’s not quite as OCD or particular as he used to be. It took half a lifetime, but he’s finally mellowing out. The old Ricky’s reactions are so ingrained in my mind, it’s hard to think he’ll react differently now. Oh, and he agrees that we should have it refinished with a more protective finish.


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My new blog home

This is the first official post of the new blog location! Yes, I’m leaving Blogger. Seemed kinda weird to have the Snapdragon Antiques address when I’m no longer Snapdragon Antiques. I really wanted everything to be Just Vintage. Branding and all that, ya know.

Try as hard and as I could, I absolutely could not get my posts from Blogger over to this new blog. I followed the import instructions, which are really quite easy with just a click of a button. When I’d finished, it said all done and to have fun! But no posts showed up. I finally quit wasting my time and just copied the past few months of blogs into this new blog. Just from where the shop was starting up. The unfortunate thing is that I wasn’t able to bring your comments in. So if you don’t mind, would you all leave your comments on all these posts? LOL Yeah. I’m kidding.

Now, we ain’t purty. Both the blog and the site, but the blog more, I think, need some prettiness going on, but that’s for after the site has a whole lot more stuff on it. I’m up to 92 items! In no particular order except starting on one side of the room and working my way around, room by room. Also, the site will be limited to smaller items. That stinkin’ shopping cart won’t estimate shipping by size as well as weight, so I have to keep it to things I can put in smaller boxes. Larger things will be in an eBay store or the 30 day BINs. Haven’t decided on that, yet.

Everybody have a great Labor Day weekend. Hope you’re not washing away!