Upcycled Vintage Items Into Planters

The Camellia Garden Club, Tiffany’s a member, had their September program at the shop last Friday where upcycled vintage items were turned into planters. It was a chore to have everything ready, but a deadline was something I needed or I’d still be puttering around trying to get things ready for fall and Halloween. Tiffany came a few days and lent her magical decorating hand to polish things off and Melanie helped when she could. May I say that I have The Bestest Friends? They have lives and jobs, Melanie’s full time, Tiff’s part time, and still found time to help me out. They will be blessed. Last weekend the three of us spent time at the lake, they (them?) creating garden junk, me (I?) making tags. (I realized in this big re-do that millions of things weren’t priced. I hate that, don’t you? No wonder people were always coming up to me asking how much things were. I’ve made a boat load of tags and still have that many more things unpriced!)

I wanted to share with you pictures of the garden junk projects and the club ladies, so here they are.








Simple wooden box planted with succulents and placed in a fireplace grate 

Bird feeder made from a lamp base and glass ceiling shade


I’m saving the Halloween decorations for a later time. We’re planning a Halloween girls night out at the shop, dates to be announced.

Some of the shop re-do

Have you ever noticed how, if we sat on the couch watching TV and eating Bon-Bons for two solid weeks we’d never think it stole a big chunk of our time when we could have been doing something else? But if we work an unusual amount doing something out of the ordinary for the same amount of time, we’re acutely aware that that time  is gone with the wind and we’ll never get it back. We could have been doing something else — like sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating Bon-Bons. ……………… Or is it just me? I’d hate to know what Freud would have to say about that. But that’s just how I feel about the last couple of weeks. Like I could have been blogging, buying, selling, having fun. Instead, I was moving furniture (I somehow have injured my left arm/wrist, like carpal tunnel or something.) and trying to make everything purty. It’s still not complete. There are spots that need a touch up even still.

Tiffany came to my rescue and put her magic touch on the middle room. Y’all know my photographic skills, or lack of. All this looks pretty good in the pictures, but is fabulous in person.


And here, in another room is the “industrial” area.

Next post will show a few vignettes from the front room.


Bettye at Once I Saw A Dragonfly passed the One Little Sparkling Blog award on to me. I don’t have the energy to figure out how to answer the questions or single out 10 blogs of the many, many I love. I’d rather you go show Bettye the love. She’s a vintage clothing seller – really cool stuff – and a talented photographer. Not to mention a downright fun and interesting person.