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Woe is me

Woe is me! I’ve had a bit of a sore throat all week, but last night it developed into full blown……. something. Flu, bronchitis, really bad cold……….. I had a rough night last night, running a fever rocking between 100 and 101, but still got up this morning hoping I felt good enough to hit the sales. Uh, no. I went back to bed and didn’t get up until 12:00 and have been in and out of sleep ever since. Still with that little fever. It’s now a little after 5 pm.

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to running a fever. Three, really. The group who begins taking a fever reducer immediately, the group who lets the fever do it’s thing fighting infection and those who don’t fool with any of that, but head straight to the doctor. It’s no surprise I’m in the stubborn group. As long as the fever doesn’t get too high and I’m not too miserable, I let it do it’s thing. So I feel pretty crummy.

This is another reason I don’t want a store that has a regular, several days a week open schedule. What if I was supposed to be open today? I’d be up he creek without a paddle. No one to take over for me. But, since I’m not scheduled to be open today, I have the luxury of nursing my whatever-it-is-I-have.

I’m lying down as I type this which isn’t easy, even with the laptop, so I’ll end this post. Just wanted to moan and groan a little. I try not to do that for real. I’m waiting for Mr. I’m Working Midnights to get up and go get the DQ Blizzard I requested several hours ago when he was up briefly. He didn’t seem to understand the urgency of it. He’d better hurry and that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

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I don’t plan to carry any new merchandise, but needed something for a pity purchase if people come in and find nothing to their liking. Capri Blue candles are my choice. These are some of the best candles I’ve ever sniffed. I first found them at Anthropologie, did some investigation and found that no one locally carries them, so an order was made. So far, we have Aloha Orchid, Volcano, Peeled Naval Orange and Paris. I’d actually smelled the first three and knew they were wonderful, but took a chance on Paris. I liked the name and it turned out to be a good bet. It’s very different from the others. Has almost a powdery scent. We had Aloha Orchid burning Saturday so that’s the one everyone wanted. All the small jars of that “flavor” are gone now. For the grand opening, we’ll have a sample of each burning. Hope nobody’s allergic!


I’ve gone to officialdom kicking and screaming. Each step is very difficult for me to make. The business license, the sign on the window and now a business bank account. Why should I have to think about that? Why is it so hard? Next will be a telephone and then a credit card merchant account. This is all expensive, too! I just want to buy and sell. Hunt the stuff. Sell so I can buy more stuff. Keep records? Yuck! That kind of thing makes me wish I’d just kept all this a hobby. But I’ll survive.


It’s so nice not to feel like I’ve got to work constantly at the shop. I do work there a lot, but I’m not so pushed. I’m beginning to spend more time on the new web site. Figured since the site address is on the window of the shop the site probably needs to be presentable.

I’ll eventually move the blog to the site and change the look just a little. That’s something I dread. It means I’ll have to think. Thinking’s harrrrddddd! It hurts! The web site is hard enough, but the layout of it is almost done. Next will be taking pictures of all those things, writing descriptions and putting them on the site. That promises to only take for-e-ver.

So that’s what’s going on right now. Exciting, huh? Sigh.

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It’s official!

It’s official! The window has been lettered. There’s no denying this is really a shop now. That line going across is a shelf that was there when I moved in. I’ve always wanted to remove it, but that was more complicated than it looked, so it’s still there. There are a lot of reflections in the window and I’m still unhappy with that old, green paint. I just can’t figure out what color to use instead. It needs to be something that’s historical, not a trendy color. I think we’re going to see about maybe getting the buildings put on the historical register.


I did tell a few people and was open officially on Saturday. Not everything was priced, still isn’t, but we had it looking decent. A few friends dropped by and a few curious wanderer-ins. Or would that be wanderers-in? Made a few sales, enough to help me get a feel for the process. Easing into things is much more my style than jumping in with both feet.

Here are pictures of some of the areas:

Spindles from the old Birmingham courthouse, iron bracket and a stack of Southern agricultural books.
That iron stand looked nekkid on the bare, cement floor, so we gave it a “grass” rug. It looks better in person than in the picture.
Old shopping cart in the front window.
The “Blue” shelves. My handy dandy hubby made those shelves. Am I a lucky girl or what?
The back window. Sorry the picture is so dark.

I feel like I can relax a little now. Maybe stay home and clean the house. I might actually cook a meal! And who knows? Maybe I can get back into the blogging habit. I sure hope so. I miss it. Miss seeing what all of you are doing.

There’s still a lot to do before the grand opening next month, but I can see daylight now. Whew!