A Happy Customer Shares

Hope everyone’s having a great Labor Day! And if you’re not in the US or Canada, hope your Monday is a nice one.

Recently, a customer shared a picture of a blanket chest she bought from me. I LOVE to see things living happily ever after after they’ve left my hands. This was one of my favorite pieces ever. If I could have used it I would have. Here’s a picture of it in the shop, not long before I closed up and made it a warehouse.

See it all nice and piney? Wide, pine boards. I wanted it to sell and afraid it would. It was the perfect base for all kinds of displays in the shop. And, because of that, I believe it was largely unnoticed. Until Linda saw it. She saw the potential, the beauty, of it. She snagged it, took it home, did a little bit of painting and look at it now!

She “distressed the sides in green, left the top natural and put several coats of wax on it.” I think it looks great! And looks content in it’s new home.


Seeing the old shop picture makes me “pine” for it (the shop). Ha! Get it? Pine for it? We’re thinking of opening the shop a couple of days a week again. For over a year now, it’s been a warehouse. I love having the booths and won’t be giving them up, but there’s still a ton of things being housed. No way do I want to be tied down to a shop again, but maybe I could handle two days. Especially if Ricky’s there to help.