Checking in

Just wanted to check in and let anyone who might be watching know that I am still among the living. My 89 year old dad, who has enjoyed excellent health throughout his life, had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. It was so mild, he really didn’t know that’s what was happening, but his lady friend talked him into going to the emergency room. Three days later (Monday) he had the dye test which showed one artery completely blocked, another 98% and another 75%. Before going in, we had honestly expected there to be some blockage, but expected a stent would probably be all that was needed. We were in total shock with the results. He chose bypass surgery and they had to wait until his blood thickened back up before surgery. Surgery took place a week ago Friday. Turned out to be four bypasses! Then pneumonia reared it’s ugly head. He’s on a slow road to recovery, but recovery is sure to be. It’s not his time yet.

I’m spending a lot of time at the hospital and will continue to do so. When he comes home, I’ll be spending a lot of time at his non-internet house. Blogging, the booth and social media are the things that will suffer the most. I’ll try to continue to put things in the blog shop and on Etsy. Although, I do have a couple of blog posts I’m itching to do!


How To Set Up WooCommerce Zone Shipping

How To Set Up WooCommerce Zone Shipping

Confused about the new shipping zones in Woocommerce? Here’s how to set up shipping zones using different rates for different weights. Ha! Poet an’ didn’t know it!

As you probably know if you use WooCommerce, they are phasing out the old, flat rate shipping and going to Zone shipping. Groan. It took me long enough to figure out the one, basic flat rate shipping. Now they want to complicate things? So I put it off. My brain did not want to focus in on that. But I knew I couldn’t put it off forever and one day the mood hit right and I forced myself to figure it out. It’s really not complicated! However it IS time consuming. So, fix yourself a big pot of coffee, or grab an energy drink. I’ll be here when you get back.

Note: This tutorial is assuming you need the correct shipping amount for items of different weights going to different areas and had flat rate shipping for individual items/weights already set up in the old, trusty, flat rate, now called, “Legacy.” If you only ship, say, one 3 oz. item over and over, then this will be overkill for you.

Note #2: This tutorial is for the US only. I did not include figuring shipping for outside the United States, but you should be able to figure that out using the same method.

Note #3: Don’t let my over explanation scare or confuse you. I tried to get as detailed as possible. You might have to take one sentence at a time and certainly one step at a time. But it really is easy! I promise!

Note #4: Please do not ask me how to do this or that. I’m just like everyone else. Not a WooCommerce expert. I have to research to figure out every new thing I do. I wrote this tutorial while it was fresh on my mind. If I had to do it again, I’d have to read my own “how to!”

Now. Let’s get started!

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Vintage Halloween Decorations At My House

Vintage Halloween Decorations At My House

Can you believe it? I pulled out the vintage Halloween decorations and they only sat on the table for a week before I found a place for them! Woohoo! Wanna see? Come on! I’ll show you!

So, this first one isn’t technically Halloween. It fits the general fall decor, but I just have put it out. It’s actually a garland thingie, kinda formed into a circle. It doesn’t want to straighten out, so I figured it would be a good, skinny wreath. I’ll change the words on the chalkboard soon.

Fall garland wreath on chalkboard door




Vintage Halloween decorations are very hard to find around my area, so I feel fortunate to have the few things I have!

Remember this pumpkin from the few fall decorations I did? I added two, tiny, plastic, vintage Halloween decorations to it. An itty bitty pumpkin head man and an orange, arched back cat.

Tiny, vintage Halloween decorations.


I forgot I had these vintage, Halloween witch candles! Found them in a plastic baggie. I don’t even remember buying them. How could I forget? 

Collection of vintage Halloween witch candles.

In the same bag as the witch candles were this pumpkin head men candles! I love them! What a fun surprise for me! One little guy has a messed up head, but that’s just fine with me. 

Vintage Halloween pumpkin head men candles


These buckets aren’t old, but hey. I can’t afford old, paper mache pumpkin buckets! The little one in front with the wire handle isn’t old, either. Only the tiny, plastic ones have a bit of age on them.

Paper mache Halloween pumpkin buckets


I have a collection of three vintage black cats. One, the larger one with his be-hind stuck up in the air, is a buttless cat — cactus planter, stamp wetter, whatever. The one you can’t tell much about is an arched back cat standing in front of an urn. Made in Japan and probably not meant for Halloween. The buttless cat was probably not meant for Halloween either. The cat in front, standing on a skull, is a crudely done ceramic or pottery/clay cat with a broken and repaired tail.

No, I didn’t make the pumpkin. I haven’t taken the time to try my hand at that yet.

Vintage Halloween black cats


These are some of my favorites. Vintage, Halloween, pumpkin head, scarecrow, knee huggers! Have you ever?! Aren’t they adorable?

Vintage Halloween pumpkin head knee huggers


This isn’t the best picture of the jar of bottles, but it’s always a favorite.

Jar of Halloween bottles


These are nice witches who live in front of vintage, crepe paper flowers and a pink calendar plate. They’re made like a knee hugger, but aren’t technically a hugger. The cat in the foreground is a cupcake pick stuck in the end of a Halloween horn.

Vintage witch Halloween decorations

That’s all for today. I do have more, but they aren’t arranged nicely. If I manage to find a better place for them, I’ll share the pictures.

Thanks for coming along for the look-see! 

In previous years I’ve put everything on the mantle and called it done. This year, I wanted to spread them out. Dani has had fun finding and playing with some of them. Grandchildren do cause us to be a little more motivated, don’t they?

Here are some other years’ decorations:

Fall and Halloween Bottles and Jars and Bottles In Jars

Halloween Mantle 2012

Clowns and Witches, Witches and Clowns

Want to start or add to your own vintage Halloween collection, but they’re hard to find in your area as well? Click here to see the fantastic vintage Halloween items always available on Etsy! (And yeah. That’s the affiliate link.)

Using vintage Halloween decorations