A Crafty Spring Giveaway For You!

A Crafty Spring Giveaway For You!

A craft box giveaway! I’m honored to be in the company of four other great bloggers, each giving away a fun box full of craft supplies to five lucky winners. When Kathy at Petticoat Junktion offered a spot in her monthly craft giveaway for February, I jumped at the chance.  

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Giving up my dad

In my last post I explained where I’d be for the coming weeks. Never did I imagine it would end like this.

A few days before Halloween, my dad was experiencing minor chest pains. He was the picture of health until that time. The only time he had ever been hospitalized in his life was in 1955 to have his tonsils removed! At 89 years of age, the only medicine he took was a blood pressure medicine. He volunteered with the hospital auxiliary, the ramp ministry (where a group built ramps over the steps at homes where the resident was unable to navigate the steps), worked in his yard, drove everywhere and lived a totally independent life. 

He was having these pains, but drove to his lady friend’s house. She knew immediately something was wrong and convinced him to go to the emergency room. They felt sure he had had a heart attack and transferred him to the “big city” hospital.  Continue reading