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How to remove "Picked For You" and "Promoted" pins from your Pinterest feed and get it back to the people, boards and topics you want to follow.

This is a public service announcement: You might have noticed your Pinterest feed is different these days. No longer are you seeing pins from all the people you follow. Instead, you see “Picked For You” pins and “Sponsored” or “Promoted” pins. Sponsored/promoted pins are pins people pay to have show up in our feeds. Picked For You are pins Pinterest thinks we would like to see. Now, I’ll admit, sometimes Pinterest gets it right on the pins they think I’d like, but oftentimes, they don’t. And the sponsored pins? Rarely. (Update: Pinterest now has a setting where you can choose to not see “picked forRead More →

Am I doomed to failure because I'm not a morning person?

Have you read articles and books about the habits of successful people and read that one of the things they have in common is rising early? They get up before the rest of the household (Or maybe even before the sun. Gasp!) and……  Meditate Do Bible study Plan their day Start writing/working Exercise Get housework out of the way Blah, blah, blah Sickening, right? The only things on that list that appeal to me even a tiny bit are the first three and that’s because I can do them without getting out of bed. Then when I do get up, I’ve forgotten what I thoughtRead More →

What's the difference between and

I see this question a lot in different groups and forums I participate in. If you’re confused about it, you are not alone.  So just what is the difference between and Let’s see if I can explain it in regular people speak. Because I have a hard time with all that tech mumbo jumbo, too. is a blogging and content management system. Huh? Yeah. Okay. That’s a little fuzzy to me, too. Basically, WordPress provides you a spot to do your blogging the same way Blogger (BlogSpot) does. You simply sign up with, fill in a few blanks like what you wantRead More →