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What I sold in my antique booth and on Etsy in April of 2017

My booth sales and Etsy sales for April 2017 Egads! What the heck happened to April?! There are always ups and down in the vintage and antique selling business. Any business, actually. But April 2017 – for us – was HORRIBLE!  Alarmingly so. Like, I’m still reeling and shaking my head and wondering what happened?Read More →

What's selling in my booth March 2017

Wow! What a busy couple of months it’s been! Conducted back to back estate sales. It’s just two of us prepping and pricing, so we have to work extra hard with long hours. Ricky and I did manage to get the booth stocked up during all this, though and booth sales were decent in March. Thought I’d do a quick report on what sold in the booth in March. (If I get a chance – got to start prepping another, massive sale this week, actually should be there right now –  I’ll do a March Etsy sales update, too.)Read More →

What I sold on Etsy last month

Okay. Break’s over. I’m ready to get back into selling both online and off. I really needed that break. And had even convinced myself I could relax a bit with working, but it’s not to be. Ain’t no rest for the weary. So, to help you know what’s selling and as a way of challenging myself to keep it going and improving, I’m sharing what I’ve sold on Etsy so far this year and if you’d like, I can make this a monthly feature. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more of these. I hope to also share booth salesRead More →