How to make a magnetic pin holder

Magnetic pin holders are great and I’m sure you’ve seen the magnets attached to the bottom of saucers or small bowls already. I’m not reinventing the wheel, but, well, I tried gluing a couple of magnets to the bottom of a dish and realized pretty quickly, there had to be something better. It just didn’t do the trick for me. Not enough magnetic strength to keep the pins from falling out if it was bumped. Why make one when you can buy them in the store for just a few bucks? Two reasons. #1, pretty and #2 size. My small dish, magnetic pin holder: AndRead More →

Sewing Room Organization

I always like to organize with pretty things not meant for organization. I’ve been turning one bedroom into a sewing room, and while I’m not ready to show pictures of that yet, I can show this! A sweet, mid century, flower pot holder to hold scissors, marking pencil, rotary cutters, seam gauge and measuring tape.  These can usually be found on eBay from cheap to really nice and expensive.  ——————————— <br />Read More →