What’s Under the Quilt and the Latest Booth Displays

Memorial day weekend, we were riding down the road, headed to the booth, with, appropriately, this patriotic quilt covering something. What do you suppose it was?

Patriotic quilt

It was Ricky’s latest creation! A million lb. sideboard that he and I wrestled up onto the trailer. (We called our son-in-law to help unload it.)

Hand built sideboard


It sold in under two weeks. We left for vacation right after taking this to the booth, so I’m quite late with this blog post. 

What other booth changes were there? Here are the latest booth displays.

Mud room bench in the latest booth display

The price of this mud room bench has been reduced. It’s a Pottery Barn knock off and a fraction of the cost. Wonder if theirs sold well for them? The bar stools you get a glimpse of behind sold the next day.

Oak coffee table and end table

The newer coffee table and end table (both now sold) were Ricky’s purchases. We were having a hard time fitting everything in, so started stacking. Why does the end table look like it’s leaning in the picture??? The bar stools on the right were my purchase. They were too good of a deal to pass up. 

Arranging floral items

Just an arrangement of some sweet, floral items.

They were turning the lights out on us, and the pictures, which are usually bad in that lighting anyway, seem worse. And I  didn’t get to take a picture of the whole booth.





New Antique Booth Pictures

New Antique Booth Pictures

Here are the latest of our antique booth pictures. The word antique is used loosely, of course. I took the pictures on my phone and those fluorescent lights wreak havoc with the built in camera. That’s one reason you’ll rarely see booth pictures on the blog. They’re U G L Y! It was also a drop it and run day. We just can’t seem to get down there when I have a day to putter around with the look. So, there’s that. The pictures probably won’t be inspiring or anything, but here they are.

We took another, built by Ricky, table to the booth yesterday. This one has a different style legs. When he ordered them, I had my doubts, but I really like the look! We can’t keep farm tables in stock. I want the booth to have a variety of furniture, but he has to keep building what sells. These tables are so large, it’s hard to decorate the booth around them. We’re really need to expand whenever the booth next door comes open.

Hand built farm table and benches

A bargain at $575.00. It should be almost double that.

Table and benches sold in 1-1/2 week.

Mud room bench

Cute, Pottery Barn knock off mud room bench. Again, hand built. Marked down to $145.

Industrial metal table with marble top

We’ve had this metal leg table and green marble top in storage since I closed the shop. I used them mainly for display. Hate to sell it, but it’s time. $100.

MCM chairs and end table

Mid century modern isn’t big in the area of the mall. These chairs and table are still available. However, I don’t remember their price. They’re Erin’s.

We don’t ship furniture, but if you’re in the area, the booth is D-26 in Angel’s Antique Mall in Opelika. It’s worth a day trip if you’re even remotely close. The mall is HUGE!


New additions to the booth — Decorating an antique booth at Angel’s Antique Mall

New additions to the booth — Decorating an antique booth at Angel’s Antique Mall

Decorating an antique booth at Angel’s Antique Mall

We finally took a few items to the booth at Angel’s antique mall this past weekend. It was beginning to look rather pitiful. Sparse. We’re still low on smalls since I’ve been concentrating on putting most of them on Etsy. Ricky finished another table and benches. Those things don’t last long. If we keep one down there all the time, it looks like they never sell, they’re so similar and always in the same spot. (Too big to fit anywhere else.)

The fluorescent lighting puts a weird color cast on the photos that I can’t seem to edit out. I try and have made it a tad better, but it still looks off.

Decorating an antique booth in Angel's Antique Mall

(Table and benches and coffee table sitting on top are sold as well as both lamp shade skeletons and little photo spice jars and candlesticks.)

Yes, we can all agree that little table in front is mainly a space filler. Size is right, color is wrong. For the spot.


Decorating an antique booth in Angel's Antique Mall

Erin thinks she might need to recover the chairs.


Decorating an antique booth in Angel's Antique Mall

Old parking meter for your garden, anyone? (Parking meter is sold.)


Decorating an antique booth in Angel's Antique Mall

(Shelves are sold.)

These shelves are a much prettier color in person. More green/blue. The finish is genuinely old. We did nothing to it. Wouldn’t they be great in the right kitchen?


Decorating an antique booth

(Chair is sold.)

Erin recovered the chair, using the original, down for the cushion. She did a great job. She’s becoming a quite a good upholsterer. The color, again, is more green/blue than the blue in the picture. 

So. Are we proud of the way the booth looks right now? No. But given what we had to work with and time we had to do it, I guess we did okay. We need to really get busy bringing more things in and spend a day rearranging.

Booth D26 at Angel’s Antique Mall in Opelika, Alabama


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