Table with stenciled doilies

With a possible move in our future, I’ve decided to focus on putting things in the booth rather than some online and some in the booth. I need to move it out of the house. And it’s a lot quicker to put 30 items in the booth than it is to take pictures and write descriptions on those same 30 things. So…. unless I know it won’t sell in the booth or if it has several parts to potentially get lost in a mall, it’s going to the booth. Even still, I’m slow. But I did get a good start yesterday. The booth had beenRead More →

Pink enamelware double boiler

I’m getting tired of digging through my “for sale” stash. I need to see something new. Something different. So I got out this weekend. I went to 3 or 4 on Friday and 10 out of 16 on Saturday.  With the Saturday list, I got the brilliant idea of doing a reverse address look up on whitepages.com. See, when you do a reverse look up, it gives, not only the names, but the ages of the people living in the house. So, if it’s 20 or 30 somethings, I won’t be in a hurry, but if they’re 65+, well, that could mean an estate saleRead More →