Holiday Decorating

Pin this - Using vintage Halloween decorations

Can you believe it? I pulled out the vintage Halloween decorations and they only sat on the table for a week before I found a place for them! Woohoo! Wanna see? Come on! I’ll show you! So, this first one isn’t technically Halloween. It fits the general fall decor, but I just have put it out. It’s actually a garland thingie, kinda formed into a circle. It doesn’t want to straighten out, so I figured it would be a good, skinny wreath. I’ll change the words on the chalkboard soon.     ~~~ Vintage Halloween decorations are very hard to find around my area, soRead More →

Fall decorating with a small pumpkin on top of black glass match holder

So. Yeah. I was ready to do some fall decorating. Right. I pulled out my boxes and realized most everything was either Halloween or Thanksgiving themed. Not much was generic fall. So, I have nothing noteworthy. But I’ll show you what I did do. Some fall colored string balls in the stack of dough bowls in the little dining room: In the same room, I put some kind of shedding, dried flower bunches in a brown transferware bowl. As long as we don’t touch them or blow on them, everything is fine.Read More →