This will be a quick post. I just wanted to share these two pictures I bought last weekend. I didn’t buy much at that sale, but couldn’t resist these pics. Gasp! How shocking! But, Angelina could learn a pose from this girl. And at least this young lady has some meat on her bones. Speaking of meat on bones…..   God bless him! But aren’t they both just the cutest things? There were some other pictures of the little boy that made me think he might have been mentally handicapped. I want to hug him and pinch those cheeks. Bet he got a lot ofRead More →

I hunted and hunted and was surprised to find I had very few mother and child photos and no graphic type pictures. None! So I’m sharing the two best of what I have. And that’s not saying much.   Wonder why they look so sad? I know people didn’t smile in the old pictures, but they look like their best laying hen died. I thought it was a poignant portrait, though.     Maybe you can find a use for one of these. And if you like the little boy above, I’ve got a bunch of his. Picked them up at an estate sale. ApparentlyRead More →

A little late in the day, but it’s still Friday and here’s your free graphic.  On a Windows based computer, right click and save to your computer.   This is one, continuous sheet. Pretty close to actual size, and yes, the original is uneven at the top. What do you think. 1920’s? They may need to be darkened a little. It’s hard for me to tell doing this on the laptop. The further back I lean the monitor, the darker the pictures become. I can’t tell what’s correct. I’d love to see anything you make with the graphics! I think I’m going to use oneRead More →