Lavender jewelry box

Lavender wasn’t in my color choices until recent years. I believe there was some kind of association with the color when I was a child. Maybe my mother didn’t like it. Maybe a kid who smelled wore it. Who knows? But it stuck. Now? I not only like it, I’m kinda loving it. It’s so calming and romantic. As promised, I wanted to give the exact ratio of paint colors for the pretty lavender custom paint mix on this jewelry box.   I used General Finishes Milk Paint in Seagull Gray and Royal Purple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 parts Seagull Gray 1 part Royal Purple ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YouRead More →

Painted Mason Jar

I’m still working through my dad’s stuff and my own accumulation of things and simply don’t need to go to any sales for awhile. Didn’t go to many last year. At all. And I’ll just say right up front, life almost isn’t worth living if you can’t get your junk fix! Shopping in my own storage units doesn’t do it for me. So hang it all! I’m going this year in spite of the boxes I still need to work through! Besides, the stash is actually dwindling to yard sale items. So when a church sale was heavily advertised on Facebook, I made up myRead More →

Small table painted in General Finishes Basil

Most of my before pictures were lost. They were on my phone and when I dropped and broke the phone, they were lost forever. No back ups and no way to get into the phone’s memory, blah, blah, blah. So, we’ll  just have to use our imagination. Also, the pictures were taken in one of the booths. Not the best lighting. We have a great spot to take pictures of our furniture here, but can’t get to it! Some day…… First, this little table: This little table had certainly seen better days. Once upon a time, probably back in the 1930s or 40s, it wasRead More →